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Chicken Little

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Status [Mar. 21st, 2013|09:52 pm]
Chicken Little
Rijntje has really started to become a lot more fun recently: he's in the process of learning to roll over, and some time last week he discovered his hands and all the cool stuff he can grab with them (toys), and even better, stuff the stuff into his mouth. Using his hands!

Baby food making is fun, too. Or at least, it's fun to play with the blender. Cleaning up, however, is NOT fun. But we have bananas, broccoli, and apples blitzed and frozen. Will be making pears and string beans later, and a bunch of vegetables as well. Rijntje seems baffled by bananas, but actively dislikes apples. I haven't tried broccoli yet

Tomorrow we head to Groningen in a loaner car (I think?)--Burt is turning out to be a lemon, and luckily Karel thought to buy the extended maintenance package, which covers all of the work being done on the car. So far, Burt has spent more time in the dealer's garage than in our possession--so much though we love the white Almera, I think it's time to cut our losses and ask for a replacement. But it'll be the first extended overnight trip with Rijntje, which will be...interesting, to say the least. I've been wearing Rijntje in the mei tai but I think I'll bring the Moby for this trip--more familiar, and it seems a tad bit more comfortable for him.